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Thorplands Place Based Social Action

Place Based Social Action (PBSA) is about people coming together to solve the problems that are important in their communities, and Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN) is working with communities to support them to create the changes they want to see, and encouraging collaborative planning and working together.

Social Action is a way for communities to build on the strengths, and address local priorities, in their communities. It involves people giving their time and other resources to do this. This can be in a number of ways, from small neighbourly acts to volunteering or developing community owned services and assets.
Alongside this, both the government and local service providers are committed to moving to local, place-based design and delivery, so PBSA also provides opportunities for communities to be involved with, and influence, the services they receive

Through the Thorplands Place Based Social Action programme, VIN will work with residents to identify, prioritise and then deliver the change they want to see locally – whether that is further developing what is already good, creating new projects, or tackling issues and problems.

Thorplands Place Based Social Action: have your say!
If you are a Thorplands resident and haven’t yet completed a survey, please do so. This is your chance to say what matters to you, and to make sure that any support offered is for the things you really want to see happening.
You can find the survey at - you will see that the Group ID box says vin-thorplands. If it doesn’t, please go to , and type vin-thorplands into the Group ID box – without this information, your replies won’t be included in the results.
The questionnaire consists of 14 questions about the physical and social elements of Thorplands, and is quick and easy to complete. There are also two questions are about priorities: the first asks which of the issues you have identified you think are priorities, , and the second gives you a chance to say which actions, if any, you would like to be involved with in regard to those priorities.
You will see that the questionnaire is completely anonymous, so we are only using it to gather how much interest there is in different activities. However, if you would like to be kept informed about the next steps, please do drop Jackie McQueen an email at
When you have completed the final section, please remember to click finish.