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We are living through unprecedented times. COVID19 more than any other issue has cast a shadow over our communities, our lives, our global economy and our health and well-being in a way rarely seen for 60 years. What started as a localised infection in China exploded across all parts of the world and has impacted lives beyond recognition. 

Nationally, regionally and locally, statutory partners and Voluntary Sector Organisations have been working tirelessly to fight the epidemic and support those most vulnerable and in need.

One cannot escape the financial havoc that the epidemic has brought across all sectors of the UK. We have already started to see a pattern of job losses in the private sector with businesses failing to survive. In the Voluntary Sector, we are starting to see reduced funding for community organisations and communities.

The net result means job reductions, the closure of activities and projects and a wider gap between those that have and those that do not.

The future is uncertain. Most expert commentators expect our world to be very different, even once the pandemic has breached its final curve.

However, COVID-19 has also brought into sharp focus the power and importance of communities and social infrastructure. It is widely observed that without social infrastructure the implications of the pandemic within its first and second wave would have been much more severe. Here at Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire we understand the crucial role that infrastructure plays in our communities. Whilst Infrastructure is in itself a difficult term, it’s essentially about partnerships, brokerage, coalitions, communities and independence. It’s an essential pre requisite to thriving and buoyant communities, which Government at any level wishes to explore and maintain in the guise of a Civic Society. Infrastructure and the voluntary sector pay a pivotal role in developing initiatives and solutions within communities: Yet despite this widely observed fact, the VCSE sector across the UK is struggling.

At a time when the sector is clearly proving it’s worth the narrative around a lack of funding sounds hauntingly familiar. It’s always been with us: COVID19 may have just exacerbated the pressures and highlighted the gaps. It is against this ever changing back cloth that VIN launches its medium term strategy.

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