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ESF: October Funding Call

17th November 2017

Call 1.2 Sustainable Integration of Young People into the Labour Market

 Call to run a project which provides holistic support for young people to be ready for work

 Call priorities:

  • Helping more young people, specifically people aged 15 to 24, enter traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • Improve quality of what training is offered to individuals by improving recruitment and assessment, and engagement with employers.
  • Provide additional work experience and pre-employment training for unemployed 18-24-year olds
  • Support young, lone parents to overcome barriers faced in entering and progressing in work.
  • Find and engage young people disconnected from mainstream activity - including gang members, care leavers, young lone parents or carers, young people with learning or other disabilities to enter education, training, employment or supported apprenticeships
  • Address basic skills needs of young people not in Education, Employment or Training, and pre-NEET to help them progress

Minimum project allocation £50,000 match-fund up to 50% of total eligible

Call 2.1 Enhancing pathways to progression

Call to run a project supporting employed individuals to improve their skills and encourage progression within the work place in the South East Midlands LEP (SEMLEP) Area.

Call priorities:

  • To address the basic skills needs of employed people, particularly in SMEs and micro businesses.
  • To increase the skills level of employed people from the existing level to the next level up, to encourage progression in employment.
  • To increase the number of people with technical and job specific skills, particularly at level 3 and above and into higher and advanced level apprenticeships, to support business growth.
  • To increase the skills levels of employed women to encourage progression in employment and help address the gender employment and wage gap.

 Call 2.2 Skills for the Future

Call to run a project to bridge the gap between the skills requirements of SMEs and those held by potential recruits

  • To promote improvements in labour market relevance of skills provision through active engagement with relevant institutions, employers, particularly SMEs and Micro businesses.
  • Enable the design of skills provision that helps people gain skills and qualifications relevant to the needs of businesses.
  • Initiatives required across all sectors but most urgently in health and social care, construction and logistics.

Technical assistance provided by Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and Commsortia under the Unlocking ESF Potential project, part funded by the European Social Fund.  Please contact: