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Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire has launched its Enhanced Membership Product (or EMP).  This Enhanced Membership Product is available to any organisation across Northamptonshire. It is also open to Town and Parish Councils for a slightly higher annual membership fee.

What do you get?                                                                                                                             

As part of the Enhanced Membership Product you will receive:

Two bespoke and specialist courses delivered by industry experts. These courses are not normally available to voluntary sector organisations and would not be part of VINs core offer to groups.

Two added value member only network events with special guest speakers from business, government or national bodies which focus on current trends in our economic and social landscape. These events will ensure that your organisation is aware of policy fluctuations or likely new movements in our world.

Two bespoke member only E bulletins (Separate from our 2 weekly Friday Bulletin), packed full of planning and diagnostic tools which assist your organisation to grow and develop.

Reduced venue hire or hot desks at 15 St Giles Street or any Hub we may consider in the future.

What do you get in Year 1 (April 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022)?

Two bespoke training courses on Leadership and Development delivered by Steve Beccles-Ebususa, the Speaker with the Orange Tie, Amazon best selling Author and deliverer of Leadership and Development courses around the Globe:

Watch Steve engaging corporate business leaders from around the UK | Watch Steve working on the latest Barclays advertisement |

Each course normally retails at 475.00 plus VAT.

Two added value member only network events each year with special guest speakers from business, government or national bodies, focussing on current trends in our economic and social landscape (to be agreed).

Two bespoke member bulletins twice yearly packed with diagnostic and planning templates on Social Impact, Planning and Development and Charity Management (October and February).

Reduced cost venue or hot desk hire at St Giles Street.

What does it cost?

If your organisation has a turnover of less than 100K the annual fee is £22.00.

If your organisation has a turnover of between 101K and 250K its £30.00.

For organisations with over 250K in turnover it’s £40.00, and for Town and Parish Councils its £60.00 per annum.

What if I do not want this enhanced Membership Product?

If this is not for you then you do not have to purchase. You will still receive support from Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire in the way you have always done (subject to our funding of course) and can still attend our core training and network sessions whilst we transition to the new Unitary Authorities. We can make no guarantees about how we deliver this support in the future, as the world in which we now operate is challenging, and like any other organisation funding issues may necessitate a different way of delivery.

Please note that this Product does not affect your voting rights at our AGM.

If I want to buy the product what do I do?

Simply download the Enhanced Membership application form below, complete and return to


Alternatively you can request an Enhanced Membership Application Form by emailing 

You will then be notified of the start date of your EMP and a payment request will be issued.

What happens in the subsequent years?

Depending on the number of organisations which buy the EMP, we will attempt to add value year on year. Each year organisations will receive 2 bespoke training courses on some aspect of organisational development, and we will seek their views on this. We will provide 2 extra over network sessions and 2 EMP E bulletins as a bare minimum.