Corporate Volunteering


Local projects are available to enable employers to engage in volunteering opportunities in the community. This may form part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Some of the projects available include: 

  • Decorating

  • DIY and general maintenance

  • Gardening activities

  • Preparing and serving food

  • Fundraising activities

If you have a particular community area you would like to complete an employer supported volunteering activity, then please let Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and we can liaise with local Community and Voluntary Sector Groups to arrange this for you.

Benefits of employer supported volunteering

A successfully managed employer supported volunteering programme can be a fulfilling experience for everyone: this includes employees, employers and the Community and Voluntary Sector Groups.  Participating employees can gain new skills and experiences which can often be applicable to their role in the business they work for.

For example, the potential benefits include:

  • developing future leaders
  • building strong teams and teamwork
  • employee skills development
  • improvement in staff attraction and retention
  • increased staff morale and reduced sick leave
  • improving reputation and brand management
  • effective investment in the community

Employer Supported Volunteering Brokerage

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire supports employers to match them with local Community and Voluntary Sector Groups to ensure the needs of all parties are met for a volunteering activity.

In order to provide this effective service, Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire charges an employer £30 per employee for each volunteering session that has been organised through us.

Employers signed up through this service will received the following  benefits:

  • Response to initial volunteering requests within 5 working days
  • Regular communication email updates about new volunteering community projects.
  • Dialogue with the appropriate Voluntary and Community Sector Group to agree the volunteering activity before being passed onto the employer.
  • Promotion via social media and our website about the employer and the volunteering activity which has taken place
  • An evaluation with the employer on the volunteering activity which has taken place to enhance future activity needs.

To make an enquiry about employer supported volunteering brokerage through Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire please complete the form below and send back to

Download the enquiry form here

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