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Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire has a mission to support, guide and influence.


We support new and existing community organisations, helping them to grow, develop and thrive.


We guide community organisations on the effective use of resources, best practice and extracting the most from networks, connections and opportunities.


We represent those who are seldom heard and ensure their views are taken into account in local, regional and national policy formulation.


We provide a range of services to individuals and community based organisations:

For more information view our Mission Position.

Make your place: Shape your future

We all know that communities live in Places and that Places are important. But Places often need shaping and the local community is often best placed to do this.

Another project approach offered by Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire around the issues of social cohesion and Social action.

The Power of Infrastructure 

We have an intermediary role, supporting and facilitating joint working between voluntary and community groups and with statutory bodies; and helping to ensure that the interests and concerns of the Voluntary and Community Sector are properly represented.

Whilst the term may be misleading, the end result is certainly not. For Local Authorities who are looking to extract the very best from communities in terms of social action, infrastructure contracts are a must have. Infrastructure contracts support community organisations and social enterprises, helping them to deliver services, support the most vulnerable in society and add value to the work of statutory authorities.

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA)

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire is a predominately Northampton (West Unitary Authority) organisaion that used to hold the Countywide infrastructure contract, as a result of this the organisation still has contacts and networks belonging to Northamptonshire and still attends Unitary-wide strategic partnership forums.

Our two year strategy has been launched - Click here to view